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    Letters: Bellambi dune fires devastate

    19/06/2018 - Author: admin

    As a student of a nearby college, I find the fires at Bellambi sand dunes were a disgrace.
    Nanjing Night Net

    When I was walking to my classroom with a couple of friends on Tuesday, May 7, we noticed that there was a smoky smell in the air. No-one knew what it was until me and my friend discovered the Mercury article (May 8).

    ‘‘It all makes sense now’’, we said.

    Carol Nance and a countless number of volunteers have spent innumerable hours cleaning this place up for the 10th anniversary of the Bellambi Dunes Bush Care Group. To find that someone has sabotaged this event is devastating.

    The group was doing something pleasurable for the community but apparently, some people don’t respect the act of kindness they are showing. I hope that the people responsible are caught and nothing like this ever happens again.

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    Council to survey future of tourism

    - Author: admin

    WHAT do tourists do when they come to Junee?
    Nanjing Night Net

    What do residents and tourists want to see developed in Junee in the future?

    These are just two questions Junee Shire Council is trying to find the answers to in a complex survey which will be completed with the help of students from Junee High School.

    Council’s tourism development officer Linda Tillman said students would conduct the face-to- face survey on the first weekend in June with tourists and visitors.

    Surveys forms also be available at accommodation in town.

    “We need to get solid insights into growing Junee into a tourist destination,” Mrs Tillman said.

    The data available to council and tourism operators was anecdotal and verified information was needed to guide future development, Mrs Tillman said.

    Visitors’ opinions were only one part of the survey.

    “I’m really interested to know how locals see Junee developing and interested to know what we (council) need to do,” she said.

    Attracting new businesses and filling in empty shops is one area in which Junee could improve.

    Tourism, lifestyle and livability were all linked and tourism was the tool used to promote Junee as attractive place to live and do business, Mrs Tillman said

    “It’s a chicken and egg scenario … if we need new businesses, what type?” she said.

    Mrs Tillman said new shops could instead be geared to take advantage of tourism and internet shopping, rather than trying to compete with businesses already in town or those in nearby regional centres.

    “We’ve got quite a good reputation as a place to visit on the weekend, (for example) boutique shopping would be complementary,” she said.

    The survey is part of a research project expected to be complete later this year, with the results feeding into a “destination development plan” which will be released in 2014.

    Tourism development officer Linda Tillman

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    National story telling

    - Author: admin

    Mount Isa children gathered at the city’s library for the National Simultaneous Story Telling event, for a morning filled with fun, games and story book reading.
    Nanjing Night Net

    BUILDING: Toby Cox, 3, focused on his creation.

    LEARNING: Eli West, 18 months, discovering how his toy works.

    SUPERVISING: Gillian Geary, Nadine Nicolosi and Pauline Lambrichts.

    CUTE: Poppy Loyden, 20 months, enjoying play time.

    READING: Mount Isa CIty Councillor George Fortune reading to Toby Cox, 3.

    TOP HAT: Mayor Tony McGrady and Preston Loyden, 6 months, posing for a photo.

    COLOURFUL: Dia Frohloff, 13 months, smiling for the camera.

    TOYS: Alaina Ardrey and Trey Duncan, 2, having lots of fun.

    SEE-SAW: William Coleman, 3, and Sophie Knell, 4.

    PLAYTIME: Abbey Cox, 2, stops for a quick photo.

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    Letters: Uniforms and drones

    - Author: admin

    I’m a student at Holy Spirit College and I believe that uniforms shouldn’t be mandatory in schools.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Uniforms suppress the individualism of the student wearing them. Wearing the same thing day in day out really sucks the life out of you.

    Some people say that having a school uniform takes financial stress off of a family and keeps everyone looking neat but what is the point of that if you just produce an army of drones, shambling from one room to the next for six hours a day?

    I think that we should have the freedom to wear what we want in school, to express ourselves and to stand out.

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    Audrey goes back to Koonalda

    - Author: admin

    CEDUNAresident Audrey Gurney, 89, recently returned to her old home at KoonaldaStation after 26 years.
    Nanjing Night Net

    KoonaldaStation is located off the old Eyre Highway, around 100 kilometres west of theNullarbor Roadhouse.

    Audreywent to live at Koonalda in July 1948, following her marriage to Cyril Gurneyin 1945.

    Cyriltook up the 1124 square mile property in 1938 and built a three-room house fromrailway sleepers, which was extended to include another five rooms after thebirth of their sixth child.

    Therethey grazed sheep and cattle, and sold fuel to travellers who passed through.

    Audreytook on many roles at the homestead, as she was a housewife, schoolteacher,cook and baker.

    Shealso took on the role of doctor, and cared for road accident victims until theFlying Doctor arrived, coping with whatever was in front of her and doing whatneeded to be done.

    Cyriland Audrey retired after 40 years to live at Coorabie, with the station passedover to their three sons Trevor, Lynton and Neville.

    Elaineand Carl Kloock then managed the station until 1988.

    Audreycontinued to live at Coorabie following Cyril’s death in 1987, but eventallymoved to Ceduna in 1989 to live at the Senior Citizens Village.

    RecentlyAudrey told her family she wanted to go back to Koonalda to see her old home.

    Soher daughter Gwenda gathered the rest of her children together to put togethera trip to Koonalda on May 11 and 12.

    Audreyenjoyed a Mothers Day lunch with her six children and their partners, her sevengrandchildren and three great grandchildren.

    Audrey enjoyed the trip and said she would remember itfor a long time.

    Family history: Audrey Gurney (front) gathers with her children at the old homestead at Koonalda Station, from left, Trevor Gurney, Lynton Gurney, Neville Gurney, Christine Norton, Merrilee Crisp and Gwenda Coombe.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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    Letters: Liberals’ damage trail

    - Author: admin

    To acquire a surplus, the Howard government did the following:
    Nanjing Night Net

    Sold half our gold reserves at a low price, (huge loss, now it’s four times higher). Sold Telstra – a vital Australian communication system.

    Introduced the goods and services tax, (services weren’t taxed before), creating a huge tax increase.

    The mining boom was making a large contribution.

    It also acted like Scrooge McDuck for 11 years, restricting funds to all the states, (Labor-controlled) probably to discredit Labor.

    Over the last six years, the Labor government has been trying to fix the hangover of the Liberal policy with the added distractions of war (Iraq) we shouldn’t have participated in (UN voted no), the GFC (best outcome worldwide), fires, floods, cyclones, a ‘‘no, no’’ opposition, and a surprising huge reduction in tax revenue.

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    Mother’s Day walk gives back

    - Author: admin

    Ninety-one people registered for the walk, whichwent from Tasman Terrace into Kirton Point and along the Parnkalla Trail.
    Nanjing Night Net

    People could walk either 5 or 2.5 kilometres.

    Mrs Gillies said walkers greeted Mrs Harwoodwith a guard of honour to cheer her as she crossed the finish line beforepeople placed tributes on the pink ladies in the lawn.

    She said they were “thrilled” with theevent in every aspect.

    “Anything over $1000 we thought would beexcellent (and) we certainly exceeded that.”

    Local McGrath breast care nurse Helen Hookingstalked about the history of the Field of Women and gave an update of BreastCare Network Australia’s services.

    Maxine McFarlane read a poem after a minutesilence and the winner of the day’s raffle for a flower arrangement waspresented to winner Jan Miegel.

    Walking ahead: Ellen Harwood and her husband Ron participate in the Mother’s Day walk for breast cancer research.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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    Letters: Retirees not rorting

    - Author: admin

    In response to the letter by Bradley Dennis, ‘‘Tax the way out’’ (Mercury, May 14).
    Nanjing Night Net

    What a misrepresentation of both history and facts. The Howard government gave Australia, and particularly the incoming Labor government of Kevin Rudd, a surplus of $20billion and with additional money in the future fund, which Peter Costello established. The majority of economists recognised this!

    Mr Dennis’s claim, ‘‘Howard and Costello gave tax cuts and concessionary rorts, mostly benefiting the well-off’’ is again highly misleading. The tax cuts and concessions were directed specifically to help self-funded retirees.

    This exposes the ignorance of the ‘‘socialist-left’’ attitude and manner because those who are self-funded retirees take pressure off the public welfare system, which allows those in real need to be helped.

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    Letters: Budget figures rely on blind luck

    - Author: admin

    The government (or more accurately the Treasury) has overestimated revenue growth. This has led to a deficit due to a ‘‘structural’’ change in the economy (high Aussie dollar – lower profits and tax).
    Nanjing Night Net

    I can recall several consecutive years when the Howard government underestimated revenue growth significantly and kept bringing out ‘‘surprise’’ surpluses that were billions of dollars over their predictions.

    Again, Treasury estimates were wrong due to unforeseen changes (GST, rising commodity prices and capital gains due to a housing bubble).

    Now, arguably it’s better to have a surplus than a deficit – fair enough, but the fundamental ability to estimate and hit a budget target in both cases is shown to be difficult.

    Treasury can only make the best estimate at the time with the information at hand. It can’t predict the future.

    It’s more blind luck and timing than anything else.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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    Garden’s video path a new gallery attraction

    - Author: admin

    WPCC administrative officer Amelia Christensen and acting assistant curator Maria Leotta with one of the displays in The Garden of Forking Paths exhibition. PHOTO: LISA MINNERA NEW exhibition from Europe and the largest video game are the latest offerings from the Western Plains Cultural Centre, both beginning seasons tomorrow.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The Garden of Forking Paths is an exhibition initiated through the ideas discovered in a short story written by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges in 1943.

    The story embellishes ideas surrounding a fictional labyrinth where every possible future and outcome that is imagined is given the possibility to exist.

    Today, this multitude of possibilities is played out in living rooms and cafes across the world in the form of video games.

    Utilising period operating systems and computers including early iMacs, the exhibition is as much a museum piece in itself, quite apart from the content the machines play.

    The centre is also hosting Play the Wall, Dubbo’s largest video game, for four Fridays across May and June.

    Visitors can play some of the most innovative games of the past few years.

    The Garden of Forking Paths’ official opening is tomorrow at 6pm.

    Play the Wall runs on 24, 31 May and 7, 14 June from 6pm to 8pm.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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