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    Green Guide letters

    29/08/2019 - Author: admin - Comments are closed

    LETTER OF THE WEEKEuro finale good value – on the net

    Another fantastically and weirdly entertaining Eurovision Song Contest final! A man in a glass box, a gay singer, the tallest man in the US, a lady vying for the longest train in the world and the most incredible pyrotechnics. It had it all! But why, oh why, does SBS persist with pathetic Julia Zemiro, who tells us the bleedin’ obvious? Thank goodness for live streaming on the internet. It’s live, no Zemiro, no adverts.

    Les Mumford, Bittern

    Talk about good viewing

    Adam Hills’ engaging ABC interview with Michael Parkinson should be compulsory viewing for all would-be media interviewers, especially for TV. It was laced with well-thought-out questions, relevant ”advice” and humour. Particularly refreshing these days when so many interviews fawn over their interviewees and take themselves so seriously. How about a one-on-one interview program with Adam Hills, who, with his London program, The Last Leg, could be destined to follow in the Parkinson tradition?

    Stan Marks, Caulfield

    Heaven, it must be there

    I was an atheist until on The Project last week Carrie Bickmore said she would see us ”on the other side”. Now, that would have to be HEAVEN, so I went straight out and found religion.

    Bob Graham, Yarragon

    Show some respect, Brian

    When umpire Ray Chamberlain was interviewed on one of the Fox Footy talk shows during Umpire Appreciation Week, he clearly stated he absolutely hated the nickname ”Razor” that some people have applied to him. Since then I have not heard any commentator use that nickname, with the exception of Brian Taylor from the Fox stable of commentators, ironically. I wish someone at Fox would pull BT into line about this. Show some respect, man!

    Walter J. Valles, Clayton South

    Nine, pick up your act

    I am an avid watcher of Top Gear and once again Channel Nine treats us as outcasts. The new series had one more episode to run last Thursday and was replaced by The Block. When I rang Nine and asked when it will be shown I was told, ”I don’t know”. Apart from showing Top Gear out of sync now we have to miss episodes. Hopefully it will end up back on SBS.

    John Taverna, Tocumwal

    Con has many talents

    Our hirsute presenter Con of the ABC’s Gardening Australia is obviously capable of cultivating more than vegies and exotics … one wonders, though, how he copes with spaghetti!

    Pete Williams, Metung

    Mad for some movies

    Would someone please explain why both ABC and SBS have stopped showing good movies? Given Margaret and David on The Movie Show each week recommend some excellent old films that are mostly easy and cheap to hire, why not show them on ABC2 later in the week?

    Goldie Alexander, Middle Park

    Listen up! Get to the point

    Most annoyingly, talkback radio now includes a large percentage of sycophantic callers who begin with inane comments such as ”Love your program”, ”Thanks for taking my call”, and, often used on SEN, ”Long-time listener, first-time caller”. Please, just get to the point.

    George Norrish, Essendon

    What about the music?

    Where oh where can I find a classical music radio station in the morning that plays just that – classical music? No chat or exhorting listeners to email, SMS or Facebook. I don’t want to know that Aunty Edith has a birthday or that George is in South America. 3MBS used to be a viable alternative but even it has resorted to listener input and chat. Please give me a peaceful musical start to my day!

    Faye Pattinson, Malvern East

    Antisocial behaviour

    The creeping blight of social media is spreading quickly through ABC Classic FM. It’s everywhere. However, the worst offender is Emma Ayres, whose obsession with twitty tweets and mindless SMSs quite overwhelms her entire program. Careless mistakes show she is more interested in her computer screen than she is in her job.

    Jeanne James, Seaford

    Midwife deserves praise

    Call the Midwife has been one of the best shows out of Britain for ages. Sure the plots are facile and there’s always a happy ending, but the great actors and the realistic locales are just fine.

    Lesley Black, Frankston

    Another repetitive voice

    Nearly every ”artist” on The Voice is going to be a Frank Sinatra or an Edith Piaf. Come on, judges! You cannot be serious.

    Kevin Rugg, Black Rock

    Love the sight of Murder

    I enjoyed Mr & Mrs Murder for its cleverly executed plots and the romantic byplay that developed among the main characters. It was a delight to see inner-suburban Melbourne realised on screen, and I enjoyed trying to identify the filming locations. If Channel Ten commissions a second series, it would be something to look forward to.

    Colin Bishop, Queenscliff

    Keenan, on your bike

    Scott McGrory needs to take over the commentary from Matt Keenan for SBS cycling. Matt’s analysis is poor and too biased in favour of British riders. I wonder if Keenan would be so forgiving of Wiggins’ poor availability to the media if Keenan’s editor had required him to get a comment from Wiggins. Commentators should not excuse sports people, who are paid a lot of money, from fronting the media.

    Peter D’Castro, Cremorne

    It’s time to address things

    TV programmers should be sacked for publishing their ”fictitious” program times. Programs now run anything up to 20 minutes late. Perhaps the programs could all be listed as TBA, you guess!

    Keith Murley, Blairgowrie

    Increasingly frustrated

    There is a verb pronounced inCREASE and a noun pronounced INcrease. If the newsreaders and reporters could learn the difference, I’d be very happy.

    Mary Dearing, Essendon

    Nothing elegant about this

    I’m glad my 8¢ found someone who thought The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting was funny. I watched the first three episodes thinking, ”The themes are funny; eventually they will work out how to make the sketches funny”. A holier than thou Prius driver could be hilarious, but not a Prius-driving thug. Carrier pigeon tweets. Here comes the punchline. Must have blinked and missed it.

    Don Hampshire, Sunbury

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